Mowgli and the bus crash.

‘Ohhh I recognise this road…I think I bought ice cream in that shop…Oh wow look that’s my University! That’s Jinan! Dan! Loooook!’ I couldn’t believe this was my first night back in China and I was driving towards the gate of the place I lived in for 5months. Coincedence?

CRASHHHH! Welcome back Siobhan 😉

The bus actually crashed into a car right outside my old university gate. I refuse to believe that this was nothing other than fate. I was just telling Dan how excited I was to show him Jinan, I just didn’t expect it to be the FIRST thing he saw in China. Of course, we got off the bus…took a few snaps. My life is beginning to feel like a framed narrative.

As you do on bus journeys, we chatted, looked out at the passing rice fields, high rise after high rise, and then BOOM! a naked man on the side of the motorway using a bucket in a tree to shower with. Daniel, welcome to China. The man just didn’t care. He looked exactly like Mowgli from The Jungle Book, with the added feature of being Chinese. It totally broke the ice and just said it all really. You cannot imagine the things we see on a daily basis here in China.

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