My 52 List: One Adventure a Week

At the end of last year I started reading Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project’. This book follows one woman’s journey as she documents her resolutions throughout the year that, ultimately result in her discovering a deeper sense of happiness. She’s not an unhappy person but she wants to focus more on living in the moment and being more mindful, and this is something I also feel quite strongly about. After I finished the book, I started thinking about my own life and how happy I am. Two Thousand and Thirteen definitely had it’s setbacks but it didn’t really affect my overall happiness factor. Infact, if anything, it just made me appreciate all the little things in life even more, and it made me want to create my own ‘Happiness Project’.

I decided on a list of 52 little things that I want to do this year, one for each week (of course, I can do five in one week if I like, it doesn’t need to be one per week). I compiled this list with my good friend in Taipei while we were wandering around on the last day of the year. Some of the things on my list are places I’ve wanted to visit for a while, or something that I’ve been meaning to give a try or do more frequently. I’m quite good at embarking on adventures so this list isn’t necessarily a catalyst for my inner-explorer, it’s just something fun and simple that I can embrace throughout the year. I guess I could think of it as my bucket list for 2014.

1. Read ‘The Luminaries’ 

2. Hike Ben Nevis (The UK’s highest mountain)

3. Spend Christmas with my family

4. Cycle around Xi’an and take silly photos with the Terracotta Warriors

5. Write one letter every month in Chinese!

6. Host a dinner party for old and new friends

7. Ride the new High Speed Rail to Xiamen

8. Make my Mum a birthday book

9. Give my family the most awesome surprise

10. Buy vintage dresses in Bangkok

11. Grow my hair long, but get a neat trim every 6 weeks

12. Do a Spa weekend with my sister

13. Blogging continuity, launch a cool blog design and organise my blog content

14. Write down 3 little things every day that make me smile and feel grateful

15. Collect every issue of Little Thing magazine

16. Host a Lomo event in Shenzhen

17. Take Chinese classes with my old Teacher Grace

18. Do yoga 3 times a week

19. Write 52 Luna’s Letters and record and document them all

20. Learn how to make red bean buns

21. Shoot x1 roll of film a week and update my LomoHome

22. Go to Yeliu Geo Park and Smangus in Taiwan

23. Visit Japan

24. Trace my family history

25. Have an arty weekend in Shanghai with Leora

26. Write 1 whole story with Chuan’s illustrations

27. Record details of my dreams in a journal

28. Buy a juicer and do healthy veggie detoxes

29. See Cara somewhere in Asia

30. Watch Alt-J live

31. Get toned, aka get a hard stomach (haha)

32. Have a pamper day once a week at home

33. Revisit Guangzhou

34. A weekend in Kaiping

35. Write for eChinacities and That’s P.R.D magazine

36. Work on my own cartoon idea

37. Hike Dragon’s Back

38. Go on a junk boat and laugh all day

39. Write a love letter

40. Send at least 1 postcard from every place I visit

41. Hang out with Jan in Chiang Mai

42. Take a ballet class

43. Play the metro game for a whole weekend- randomly go to as many places as possible

44. Buy myself a tea set and hold a tea ceremony

45. Decorate my room: bunting, fairy lights, photos, candles etc

46. Write and publish a piece on Be You Media Group

47. Organise all my music

48. Wear red lipstick

49. Grow my own herbs

50. Buy fresh flowers every so often

51. Get a new bicycle and cycle whenever I can

52. Master the art of baking


I really hope I can do all of these things, but it would seem my wanderlust has gotten the better of me…

Wish me luck!

Do you have a similar list of fun things you’d like to do this year? I’d love to hear about them!




3 Comments on “My 52 List: One Adventure a Week

  • Laura Thomson
    January 22, 2014 at 6:05 am

    Great idea Siobhan! Keep at it, sounds like you have quite the year ahead! Looking forward to reading about how you get on!xxx

    • lunafinula
      January 22, 2014 at 5:05 pm

      Thanks Laura! It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but hopefully a fun one 🙂 Hope you’re well xxx

  • mimi
    April 2, 2014 at 10:40 am

    you are growing your own herb now. that i know. i’m curious about adventure NO. 39. heeheehee

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