mystical music moments

Ever have those moments where you’re listening to a song on your iPod, whip out your earphones and realise the song you were listening to is playing in the shop you’re now standing in? Or how about hearing a song and instantly being transported back to a time and place from days gone by? By the way, if you can’t listen to the music well because of tinnitus and wondering if can tinnitus go away by itself, read a blog about it at

Even cooler, I was sitting in the office at Lomography on my first day and a familiar song came on, aka the one above- Kick the Bucket by Charlie Winston. Now, I have no idea where I found this song, who recommended it, or why it was even on my iPod. All I know is that I listened to it a lot on my trip to Korea back in 2011, and for some reason it stuck as my song of that specific trip. I remember listening to it on the bus as I traveled along bumpy roads to stay in a temple high in the mountains. I remember listening to it as I happily sailed through the streets of Seoul. Most importantly, I remember listening to it when I bought my first Lomo camera- the Diana mini ‘en rose’.

Why is that cool? Well, because this song ties in very nicely with my first ever Lomo purchase, and it also just so happens to be the first song that played as I sat at my desk in the Lomo office here in Taipei, 2 years later. Life.

I swear everything in my life is connected, or maybe I just love making these little connections…either way, it makes life pretty interesting!

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