Oamul Lu and his world of illustrations and animation

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this magical illustrator/animator from China, but I couldn’t resist sharing his artistic delights with you. His art is inspired by things he encounters in his daily life and he wishes that we can all find our own wonderful life and enjoy ourselves.

I think he’s adorable and I’d be over the moon if I could ever collaborate with him on children’s stories!! You should check out his site here and contact him if you have any ideas.

Here are a few of my favourites…


bus fall map-of-the-world ROSE1700 ROSE2700 ROSE4700 star 雨水2bf0d44348b0c790b98dfce5384ccdd4 cd3346a16ef1ddbfda4a289d76a03c08All of these images were found here.

Don’t you think this is some of the most imaginative, beautiful work ever?! I love it!

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