princess parties and lazy dim-sum(day).

Dance dance dance. When my friend asked me to join her for a prom party, I was like ‘hmmm, really now?!’ But after a glorious day amongst the twinkly sand, I was energised and I wanted to dance. So off we whisked into the sunny full-moonish night for some dancing and cocktails. Prom party was no understatement, people went all out. In my cheap black tutu and gothic mesh bow thingy, I thought I would fit in after not fitting in all day on the beach, but yet again I was the odd one out. The girls really did want to win the title of prom princess. Long, flowing red gowns, stiletto skyscraper heels, and then me, in my little ballet flats and leggings, covering my crispy red legs from too much sun. Tasty.

The party was above this delicious noodle bar, and it was the perfect location for some dancing on a warm, summery spring evening. A giant bird cage, purple velvet sofas, midnight black candles and a white vespa for the typical ‘prom’ photos completed the scene. The DJ’s played music from the 40s through to the 80s and it was such a razzle. We drank summery jungle juice and my tutu moved as freely as she liked, seeing as she had almost the whole dance floor to herself, minus a Chinese Napolean Dynamite and her dance partner, Miss Eris. Sadly I didn’t get to be the princess of the prom, being minus a prince and all, but it was so fun! Old black and white movies were playing in the background and I was jiving like I was right in the movie. Wearing ballet shoes was a good choice.( I’ve been debating high heels all week. I shall discuss that one later). I was jumping and jamming and the other girls in their high heels were standing on the sidelines slightly shimmying. Then to leave and for it to still be boiling hot, dreamy.

A night of dancing followed by a late morning stroll through a secret mountainous area with the smell of spring flowers blowing ever so gently around us. As we descended from the mountain we were welcomed by more green. A lake, green grass, traditional Chinese music flowing from the pagoda. Heavenly. Who would have thought such tranquility and lazy sunday vibes could be found so deep in the city?! A hidden gem if ever I saw. We decided upon a quaint, wooden-looking, traditional little restaurant for some brunch. A rusty bronze teapot, two tiny china-white teacups, and flowers everywhere. We nibbled on bright-orange buckwheat cake and triangle-shaped fried potato cakes. And of course some rice noodles from Yunnan. I wanted a chocolate danish and some fruit, but hey, I’m in China. So noodles it was.

Lazy like a sunday morning. And just as we finished our oaky tasty tea, the clouds began to move and a black dragon swallowed up the sky and the fluorescent pink lightning bolts appeared and I ran home and sat, amazed at the beauty, from my 15th floor apartment. The entire city was coated in this black sky, the skyline like something out of a sci-fi end of the world type movie. It was eerily mesmerising to watch.

And now…the calm after the storm. Expensive imported cadbury’s chocolate and apple juice from a dusty tea cup, with The Darkness playing some tunes from the care-free days of being 15.


rusty teapot.

the horsies are galloping to shelter from the coming storm.

crazy dragon storm.

One Comment on “princess parties and lazy dim-sum(day).

  • Tarrah
    April 29, 2011 at 7:49 am

    Life. is. Magic.
    Thanks for this early morning treat Miss Siobhan! A little taste of wonder to dip in my cup of instant coffee 🙂

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