quest success.

Just like Prince Lir- the hero in my book ‘The Last Unicorn’- I will never give up on a quest. Especially one that involves free films.

Friday arrived and the one twinkling star disappeared behind the swirling city smog. I’m no fool. I know a badly-drawn map when I see one. (Did I happen to mention that I had copied down the wrong address…anyway…moving swiftly on…!) This time we took a taxi. Taxi man is no fool. He delivered us to the entrance (it happened to be about 200 metres east of where we had stood the previous day) and off we fled with 5minutes to spare to gaze at the weird statues interrogating passersby as they entered Redtory, before the movie began.

Redtory is a really cool area. It just so happens that all the really cool, arty areas of Guangzhou are near impossible to find. Hidden gems. Redtory is made up of lots of big, old warehouses filled with random art exhibits and cafes. We finally found the warehouse with the film showing and drifted off to inner-city Rome.

‘My brother is an only child’ was the name of this coming of age film. It was actually about two brothers, so the only child part….maybe I missed that? Maybe it’s meant to be ironic? Maybe I need to pay more attention to films? It was an interesting film, but possibly it delved a little too much into violence and politics for my mind…I found myself being carried away more by my own thoughts than the movie’s.

After completing the quest, we found a delighful little restaurant with the KFC symbol. However it was not KFC. I like to call it Mrs.KFC. The symbol of the old KFC man, you know the one…Well, this one was of a lady. A happy lady. Inside, you get a little pink basket and you choose vegetables, noodles and meats from the fridge and then the owner cooks them for you. This suits me perfectly because I get exactly what I want.

Infact I liked it so much, I went back two days later. I also went back to the film festival. This time I watched two documentaries. The first was called ‘A school with a view.’ It was fabulous! So innovative and creative. It was about a small school in Italy with two of the most creatively, cool teachers. Both old guys with piercings and long hair. They wanted to create a school that was open to all cultures. They even had the kids protest with a huge rainbow banner saying ‘WE LOVE EVERYONE!’ The teachers had some amazing ideas, and were always dressing up as crazy wizards and making potions with the kids and even holding drama classes with the parents. Very inspiring.

The second documentary was hilarious. It was called ‘Blue Foccacia.’ It was set in a small town. A Mc Donalds opens in this small town, and the documentary focused on the townspeople’s views on this situation. The competition for local pizzerias and the peoples opinions on what they prefer. The comedy came in the form of the guy who owned the Mc Donalds. He thought he was super cool. He drove around in this yellow convertible and tried to win the heart of the leading lady. However, leading lady falls for fruit man. They drive off into the sunset, laughing in Mc Donalds man’s face. It was such a funny film, while at the same time focusing on something so serious as globalisation.

I rewarded myself with some chocolate ice-cream covered in colourful, chocolate candies, followed by some homemade veggie fatijas. Mission accomplished, quest success!

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