‘she’s got a way with words’ part 1- 緣分

oh chinese, sweet sweet chinese. yes, really! chinese is a beautiful language. hidden in those mysterious little characters are stories; meanings that are perfectly summed up in one little symbol. they’re intricate little gems of history that have transformed from pictographs to complicated little webs of strokes (which china simplified and ripped out the internal hearts of. no, literally…you can read an earlier post i wrote here on this very topic).

緣分…yuanfen, fate, a perfect meeting. translate it as you please. it’s quite the common phrase here in the east, and i like it!

a predestined affinity. fate, or chance that brings two (or more, i like two best) people together. an intertwining of two paths. and there is nothing you can do to prevent it, because in yuanfen it’s destined to happen. a force that binds two people together. a collision of hearts that may result in a beautiful love affair.

i think 機米 jimmy liao knows how it goes…

‘They’re both convinced that a sudden passion joined them.
Such certainty is beautiful, but uncertainty is more beautiful still.”


yuanfen. 緣分. fate. two hearts.

do you have any yuanfen stories? a tale of two hearts meeting and making a new adventure? it’s not something you can go looking for. it really does just pop out from nowhere when you’re least expecting it. embrace it in all it’s uncertainty, it’s what makes life exciting, right?

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