ska ska ska.

Last thursday I went to see the most awesome ska band. A Catalonian band called Deskarats. Check them out here:

So I’m sure you are all aware of how difficult it is to sit still when listening to ska, especially when it’s live…and amazing. So to hell with the Chinese ‘tradition’ of just sitting and watching gigs, let’s JAM! Luckily one girl had a mini dance party happening in the corner, so me and Emma ran off to join her. It took about 10minutes before a few Chinese people began to join us, and then suddenly almost everyone was up and dancing like crazy. Even the Ayi! It was the best fun ever. To those people who refused to get up and dance…you’re BORING.

This was just what I needed to cheer me after all the homesickness and depression at missing the million layers of snow back home. I don’t usually cry in public..ah what the hell who am I kidding, that’s a total lie. So anyway wednesday night comes around, after the most torturous classes. I swear these kids are out to get me, to tear me apart and watch me crumble. It’s working. I got on the metro and couldn’t hold back the tears. I forgot I was listening to music, so to me I was crying quietly, but then remove the earphones and you soon realise why EVERYONE is staring in disgust. Not sympathy. Disgust. Well Guangzhou it’s your fault for being so damn hot, and never ever snowing. It’s Christmas time. Give me snow! So anyway that is why I needed to boogy to some awesome ska. And eat delicious Turkish food.

I danced my bad mood away, and the next day I had a wonderful time sniffing pink flowers in the park, reading my book and munching on a heavenly blueberry muffin. Then some Mexican food to top it all off. Yummy. Guangzhou has some hidden gem parks, that’s for sure. I could actually smell flowers and hear birds and the sky was blue. What a lovely hideaway from the gazillions of cars and people I usually encounter everyday.

The park is located on Ersha Dao. A lovely island right in the middle of the city. Home to the magnificent Xinghai concert hall, a starbucks and Guangzhou Art Museum, it really is a lovely place. OK I don’t usually go to starbucks, but hell, it’s the only place I can get a decent muffin. So it’s my one sin in Guangzhou.

Every time I am off work I discover more lovely places in this big city. I think someone should come and visit me so I can show them how wonderful it can be….

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