Could it be pure coincidence, or absolute fate, that when I just happen to be in Taiwan, the biggest indie music/film/awesomeness festival just happens to be on a tropical beach at the exact same time I am there? A festival that is directly correlated to my theme for my trip. A festival that is like a dreamland! Hundreds of indie bands playing on a beach in Taiwan for 5 days in the sunshine. A beach where you can snorkel and dance your face off, AT the same time! I actually can’t believe my luck! But that’s not all! They are looking for volunteers who are willing to help build eco-art projects, hang out with the bands backstage!!!!!!, help out at the film fest stage etc etc. I mean WOW! They provide tents, sleeping bags, a meal per shift (each shift is 8hours and if you complete your 3shifts they refund your ticket) and a chance to immerse yourself in the backstage goings-on of a festival and make it as organised and fun as it deserves to be!

When the volunteer people emailed me and told me that I’d be expected to seriously dance my face off, GO WLD, watch movies on the beach and venture into the ocean for snorkeling, and when they told me to bring a guitar, ukulele, sparky hula-hoop or whatever other fun things I wanted to bring, I was like WAHOOOOOO! I mean, seriously?!!! Not only is this going to be three days of unbelievable fun, it’s also going to enrich my research on the creative scene in Taiwan so much!

If you also happen to be in Taiwan and want to get involved with volunteering, or just buy a ticket and rock out, go here! It’s taking place at the most southern point of Taiwan, in Kenting. Look at how beautiful is it…

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