star-shaped rice.

Star-shaped rice. What a delight. Just last week I was struggling to get through my usual 12hr teaching day, when I received a little message from a friend. ‘Star rice is back!!’ YES!

It takes a while to get used to eating rice everyday (give me potatoes any day of the week). But when you stumble across the cutest restaurant in the world, complete with books shelves filled with old books, low ceilings that you bump your head off every single time, RIBENA!!!!, ONLY vegetarian delicious food-complete with cucumber and broccoli…yum!!, what more could you really ask for?!
STAR-SHAPED RICE. That’s what! It makes rice taste so delicious, even by itself. So I was pretty darn happy to be back in that place. I skipped up the stairs, bumped my head along the way (lovely nostalgic ache) and sat at my favourite table by the window overlooking the lovely trees on my old campus. It felt like home. It was delicious. They even threw in some spring rolls for free!!

When it closed down last year I was devastated. Pretty much resorted to sitting in my dorm, only eating star-fruit and cookies and refusing to ever eat rice again, unless it was star-shaped. How could they just close down? What about my lunch? Why would they want to take away the most beautiful rice creation? I never got over it. If it ever closes again I will cry even more than I did last year. And let me tell you, that will be one pretty big puddle!

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