Strangers that are not

Have you ever met someone for the ‘first time’ that you’ve actually met before? Someone you’ve been emailing regarding a particular project with absolutely no idea that you’ve been introduced to in ‘real life’ already. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. It’s bizarre because even when we shook hands and introduced ourselves, it still didn’t click. We chatted for a good 10 minutes about the project before he said:

“Siobhan, I need to be honest with you about something…I showed your photo to my roommate this morning and it would appear that you know him.”

It turns out that he is roommates with a friend of mine from Hong Kong and that only a month or so before, I’d actually briefly met him in the street as he headed towards the metro station and I was heading towards their apartment for dinner with my friend. He didn’t actually remember meeting me as it was already dark and we only quickly exchanged a little ‘hi’.

It always blows my mind when I rediscover how small the world is. If our mutual friend hadn’t deleted his Facebook recently, we would have already ‘known’ each other. But where’s the fun in that? I love unveiling these mysterious encounters with strangers that are not actually strangers.

It happened to me again around Christmas time in Taiwan. (OK, yeah, it happens to me a lot.) I was meeting my friend to go to the cinema to see the new Woody Allan movie ‘Blue Jasmine. She’d brought along her traveling friend who is from Canada. I only know a few Canadians and when I heard her say ‘Manitoba’, I was like “Hold the fort! Manitoba?! Do you know Erik Grimolfson?”

What do you think her answer was?

The world is so small and I can’t help thinking that if I hadn’t lived in different countries and had the pleasure of meeting amazing human beings from all around this glorious planet, my life might be a little less colourful. And for that I am extremely grateful to all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way so far. I can’t wait to meet many, many more sweet souls on this little adventure we like to call LIFE.


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