summer daze.

A near-miss catastrophe with a rather tall rollerblading gentleman, daintily swishing round the bends of the metro tunnel. Not something I envisioned to expect as I strode through the crawling with crowds space. Never failed to be amazed on my daily commutes. The sun has continually shone on this shadowy city for daze now and it’s sticky and smells like 2009. A familiar smell of early daze in China when once upon a time everything was new and bizarre and foreign. As I entered my Chinese urban paradise of futuristic glass pods and giant chess sets, big enough to play hide and seek behind, I was greeted by a delightfully cute little being. Red bow and sleek black hair and the biggest smile ever. A mature smile, beyond her years and yet ever so sweet at the same time. Today the sun chose this girl to radiate it’s happiness from.

Life is life and well, that’s life. I mustn’t take it too seriously. Or that sand will just filter through my fingers. Loosen the grasp. That’s the key. Yes, I keep telling myself that.

The tea-cup lady and her trusty company remind me of this. I bought a lovely tea-cup and saucer from tea-cup lady who lives in the bushes by the side of my road. Such dainty little cups and saucers. A colourful assortment to brighten up a dusty road. Exposed treasures, and yet no one seems to purchase them. I wonder why? Don’t they want a pretty tea-cup?

Again, the sun makes everything brighter, literally. Mountain hikes (OK cable car hikes) and lake-side reading in scruffy old pagodas. Star-shaped rice, of course. Basement Italian food and pancakes with fried bananas. Train rides that transport my senses back to Scotland and for one moment trick me into thinking I’m really on a train from Edinburgh to Leuchars. The soft beat of Semifinalists in my ears, and the blurry green, mixed with Industrial silver, flurry by and my mind forgets, just for a second, where I really am.

The sun beats down, through the dust and smog, and my black tutu sways to and fro as seen from my glass pod. A silent ballerina, just doing her thing, whatever that may be.

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