Surprise Surprise

Snuggled up in my favourite purple fleecy blanket, all I can hear are birds as moonlight slowly fades to dawn and the rain begins to fall. I am home. Home, as in Scotland. One minute I was twisting and turning through the frantic streets of Hong Kong and the next minute I was searching the welcoming crowds at the airport for my sister’s familiar face.

We’ve been keeping a secret, my sister and I. For the past month we’ve been plotting and scheming as to how we can best surprise our parents. You see, I’ve just signed a contract with my old animation company to do voices for cartoons again. What can I say, I miss that colourful world! Thus, the lovely company funded my flight ticket home to apply for my new working visa and in return I thought wouldn’t it be fun if I could just sneakily rock up without my parents having a clue!

We pulled it off perfectly. We had so many ideas, ranging from standing at the lounge window with a halloween mask on, just staring in at them (terrifying!!) to leaving little clues such as a box of green tea in the kitchen (only I drink green tea in this house), to my suitcase being under the stairs. We also thought about going to a restaurant and I’d either disguise myself and pretend to be their waitress or be sitting at their reserved table with big sunglasses and a headscarf and be like “Oh, hello darlings!”

After much debate we settled on the idea of me hiding upstairs until our parents were all snuggled up on the sofa, oblivious to the fact that their first-born daughter was a floor above them, holding her breath, not moving a muscle for fear of being caught. When the time was right, my sister came running up to her room and gave me the signal for action. I crept down the first set of stairs, but then without being aware I came bouncing down the second set and burst into the lounge and just stood there, staring at them and said “Hi guys!”

They sincerely looked like they’d seen a ghost. My mum’s mouth dropped wide open in disbelief and my Dad looked from my sister to me and back again. I was expecting them to jump up, scoop me into their arms and cry with joy. No. They were so weary of who I was, and what I was, it was actually hilariously awkward. After the initial shock, they both burst out laughing and after about 10 minutes they managed to stand up and hug me. Haha. Then they proceeded to follow me everywhere, incase I just disappeared. It was so sweet.

On the same day I also surprised my Aunt by walking into her work and casually saying “Hi.” Her face was priceless. I also surprised my best friend by getting my sister to txt her and tell her a package had arrived and there was a small gift inside from me and would it be OK if she came and delivered it. As my sister got out of the car and opened her bag, I jumped out from behind the car and screamed “Surpriseeeeeee!” Without a doubt the entire village heard my best friend scream. It was amazing!

From now on I don’t want people to know when I’m coming home. I want to just jump out and surprise everyone!! The adrenaline rush you get from preparing such a spectacle is the perfect remedy to getting through a long-haul flight.

And just look at how cute my parents are! I am so happy to be home! Even if it is minus-a-gazillion-degrees…


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