ta-ra negativity.

Last week I was all ‘Taiwan this and Taiwan that’. For really, it’s an amazing place! As soon as I returned to China I became grumpy and negative about everything that wasn’t Taiwan. How come no-one was standing in line? Why couldn’t I buy delicious jelly in the 7/11? How come my apartment didn’t get to smell like chocolate brownies and fresh coffee? I wandered around hugging my bag with the Taiwanese flag, and jumped around with glee when my friend gave me a Taiwanese flag sticker which I so proudly stuck onto my SHENZHEN metro card. But today as I was wandering along my street I couldn’t help but think to myself how much I used to love China. Infact, I probably still do, but beautiful Taiwan stole my heart for a while and I couldn’t think of anything else. However, I’ve had a breakthrough. As I ran home through the rain, without an umbrella (it was stolen from my bag when I landed at Shenzhen airport last week…), rain filling my ridiculous ballet-shoes and dripping off my nose, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. It really did feel cleansing and somehow, it seemed to restore a whole new realm of hope in me, with regards to my life in China. I was thinking about all the silly things I complain about- the spitting, the smoking, the staring, the hazy weather…allow me to stop…because actually are they really such a big deal? When it really comes down to it, I actually genuinely miss China, almost every time I leave! Almost! This huge, chaotic, sprawling land has been my home for over two years, and clearly that must mean something! Everyday usually provides some form of entertainment, whether in my favour or not. But it’s never dull. Infact, it’s absolutely filled with adventures and quirky moments. It’s not going to be easy to give this up…China, can we be friends again…? 🙂

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