Taiwan- 1 week to go!

I can’t believe it’s only 1 week until I embark on my creative journey around Taiwan. I’m sitting in my favourite cafe, Old Heaven in OCT Loft, daydreaming about exploring as usual, but this time it’s actually happening in exactly 7 days! I’m still deciding what the best route to take is, as my first itinerary had to be changed when I discovered there is the biggest Indie music festival in Asia taking place when I just happen to be there. 100% related to my theme, it’s like fate! As much as I like to know where I’m going to be staying etc, I also just love being surprised and going with the flow. When you’re travelling you never know who you’re going to meet or what opportunity might pop up, so it’s best to be a little spontaneous and just follow your heart!

This really is my ideal scenario. Travelling and writing and not having to pay a penny! And finally I have the opportunity to use this beautiful handmade notebook that I picked up at the OCT market last year. I love the design and it’s exactly how I envision my journey. Being surrounded by intense beauty and a thriving art scene within an ancient culture. A sure-fire way to catalyse my creativity, releasing new ideas just like the birds from this girls mind, as seen on the notebook. I think this is exactly how creativity should be- flowing and flying freely from the mind, roaming the earth for the next source of inspiration.

And that is precisely what I’ll be doing in 7 days. But really we should be doing it everyday because flip this earth is beautiful! Always open to new ideas, always aware of everything around us, because it really is the little things in life hey…

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