Tang Yau Hoong

This morning I was searching for a Full Moon image seeing as I suddenly realised that I’d missed this week’s full moon, which occurred on Sunday. To be honest though, I knew. I mean what else could I blame my crazy emotions on this week?

Anyway, during this search process I stumbled upon this gorgeous Full Moon design by Tang Yau Hoong, a Malaysian visual artist/ graphic designer/ illustrator/ amazing all-round talented guy. He creates simple yet complicated designs, which is really quite similar to life in general. He is bursting with creative ideas and I urge you to check out his website, as well as his Facebook Page so that you, too, can enjoy his fantastical works.

Here are a few of my favourites, starting with the Full Moon design which sparked me to become his fan:


Dawn-Tang-Yau-Hoong-500x500-wpf9be16b1936bdf1f936ef5b765c153d0Home-Tang-Yau-Hoong-500x500-wp Journey-to-the-city-of-no-horizon-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp Moustacheville-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp1 Well-Equipped Found-Anything-Yet-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wpAll of these images were sourced from Tang Yau Hoong’s website.

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