The beginning of Luna’s Letters

At the end of last year I began a daily project called Luna’s Letters which you can read more about here. Basically I was feeling a bit frustrated at the pace of life in this city, the lack of attention to the little things in life and the almost next to no smiles lingering around these streets. I somehow believed that if I left letters dotted around the place, I could start to pave the way to more happiness, even if just one smile from one person each day.


I can’t say it was the most successful project I’ve ever pioneered but it certainly made my days more colourful, and for the few people that did pick up my letter and pocket it, I’m quite sure I spied a little smirk as their eyes flirted over my simple words.

I wrote them in both Chinese and English so that no matter where the receiver was from, hopefully one of these two widely-spoken languages would be understood by them. It did become a little hard near the end as Christmas loomed closer and the weather got colder, so I wasn’t frequenting such interesting places to pop my letter down in. There are a couple of stories that I’d like to share from the experience, specifically that if you write romantic words to strangers expect to have them believe you are secretly in love with them. Such was the case when I was feeling a bit sick and rushed home from work before having the chance to tape my letter in a random place. I realised it was 10pm and I’d already done the ‘throw-a-paper-aeroplane-out-of-the-window-at-11.59pm’ and so I ran to the lift with the clever idea of taping it next to the floor-number buttons for the next person who entered the lift to find.

I forgot about the security cameras in the lift. I forgot to take my phone to document the letter.

I ran to the lift and taped it up, then in a panic realised my phone was in my room so ran back and grabbed it then came running back to the lift to snap a quick pic. The doors started closing on me and I had my leg sticking out of the lift to try and stop them. As I clicked the shutter, my leg got stuck and I heard my roommate laughing his head off from our lounge. As I entered our apartment I noticed that my roommate had turned on our building’s security channel onto the wide-screen TV and there was my letter, shining brightly inside the lift. Before I could bat an eyelid, I noticed the security guard running to the lift. (Clearly he’d watched all of this in bewilderment and was curious to catch this mysterious letter I’d left.) Next thing I knew he was sitting and grinning and gazing up at the security cameras as if he KNEW I was watching from my apartment too.


There is nothing romantic about this story, haha. He is an old man and I am now very very embarrassed everytime I come home and he is once again, sat there smiling sweetly at me. I actually just have to laugh about it; it’s my own fault.

The next story was slightly more successful, and rather coincidental. I was eating at a small Taiwanese restaurant in Tai Hang, an up-and-coming neighbourhood near Causeway Bay. I spotted a cafe across the road with this board outside (see below for pic). I just had to leave my daily letter there, and so after eating I ran across, whipped out my washi tape and stuck it right next to the words.


I went home and thought nothing of it. You see, throughout this project I’ve been leaving a hashtag at the bottom of every letter #lunasletters so that people can either upload their photo of the letter to instagram (yeah, I can dream!) or at least follow my project on there. The next day after leaving my letter on the board I noticed a new Hong Kong girl had started to like some of my photos. She commented on one of them: “Hope to see you again.” I immediately messaged back excitedly. Turns out the owner of a coffee shop found said letter. Name of the cafe? ‘Lunar Coffee’!!!! Yup.

Thus, I have decided that this project doesn’t take up much time and even though I haven’t seen many results or heard back from many of the recipients, it’s still fun to know that it may have made at least one person smile and brighten their day a little, even if only for one minute. And so, I am going to continue this project throughout 2014. To make it a bit easier, I am only going to write one a week. By the end of the year there will be 52 Luna’s Letters floating around the globe and maybe it could become something bigger, with more people getting involved from all around the world.

If you were to receive a random letter from a stranger, what kind of things would you like to read? An inspiring quote, a compliment, a piece of advice, a riddle, an illustration? Feel free to give me some ideas in the comments below; I’d love to hear what you think.

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