the Chinese Princess and the invisible helicopter.

One of the extra special bonuses of my job is that I sometimes get asked to play a part in a short 3D film. These are used in theme parks around China to introduce the new ride. Earlier this year I was attached to a harness and watching baby dinosaurs fly past. This time we were conluding the same short film, but I was now in a helicopter. Keep in mind this was an invisible helicopter, as it will be added later on in the post-production process. Thus, any slight wrong movement or awkward angle would call for us to do the shot all over again. It took many takes. For some reason I just kept muddling up the lines (not that it matters anyway because I am dubbed over in Chinese..doesn’t make much sense really, why not just use a Chinese actor in the first place..haha?) and then I would burst out laughing and we’d have to start all over again. Might have been the fact that my partner was some Chinese guy who thought he was so cool. All he had to do was sit tight in his aviators and steer our invisible helicopter to safety. Leaving me with all the lines. Or the fact that wind machines were blowing on me and making me chew my hair. Anyway, eventually we got it right and I was able to remove the boots that were three sizes too small for my big ol’ feet.

It’s quite an interesting process. Especially as I haven’t got a clue what the director wants me to do. Although I can understand a fair bit of Chinese, I’m not quite up to speed with dramatic vocabularly and all that techincal jazz. Luckily I have a translator with me, and have got my miming skills down. It’s all acting in the end.

Sometimes though, it becomes rather tedious. So this time, after waiting for my friend to finish her scene, I decided to dress up as a Chinese princess. My friend (Chinese voice actor) was doing a dance scene and she was wearing flowing fabric and looked so delicate and pretty. I decided I wanted to dress up like her so the costume girls gave me about 3 robes to wear, including a funky purple and gold one. I was like a big klutz trying to figure out the finger movements in traditional Chinese dance. It’s very complicated. I didn’t quite pull off the elegance as well as my friend, but here’s some photos to provide you with some entertainment…

Me and the lovely princess.

the cool director 🙂

lovely costume and make up girls.

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