The Gift of Rain

“The most rewarding way to see the place one lives is to show it to a friend. I had taken the beauty of Penang island for granted for a long while now and it was only through acting as Endo-San’s guide that I learned to love my home again with an intensity that surprised and pleased me.”

The Gift of Rain- Tan Twan Eng

I have found this to be so true, not just with regards to my ‘home’ in Scotland, but also to wherever my ‘home’ may be at the time when friends or family visit. Being an enthusiast of most places means I rarely have a day where I’m not in awe at one thing or another in my ‘home’, but sometimes the sparkle can dwindle and all it really takes to relight it is for me to play tour guide, and before I know it I’ll be seeing my ‘home’ through rosier spectacles.

Acting as someone’s tour guide, just as the protagonist in ‘The Gift of Rain’ says, really does make me re-learn and re-discover the beauty in the little things that make my home so special. It really is all right before your eyes and it seems funny that it would take an outsider to reignite your enthusiasm for a place.

If, like me, you were bitten by the travel bug and love nothing more than a little exploring, why not purchase a copy of a travel guide to your OWN country. I just bought Lonely Planet’s guide to Scotland. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of Taiwan and South Africa than I have my own country, and that’s not cool, especially seeing as Scotland is teeny tiny.

Have you been to Scotland? What was your favourite place? Actually, if you haven’t been, I suggest coming NOW. Like right NOW. Because I don’t know what is happening in the world…I’ve never seen this much sun in my life!! I’m more tanned than when I lived in hot countries (haha) and here the sun only sets at around 10.30pm in summer! What are you waiting for?

Next stop- Loch Ness and The Highlands. I’m not about to take this beautiful homeland for granted because who knows just how soon I’ll be flying East again…

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I love my little home.

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