The Gratitude Attitude

I am grateful for every breath that guides me through this sweet, crazy little thing we call ‘life’. We shouldn’t squander these precious days with nonexistent boredom, pointless scrolling through other peoples lives, being negative or complaining. We are lucky to be alive, to be able to call this earth- in all its glory and misery- our home. Let us be more positive, more kind, give more thanks, and in return maybe we can reap its sweet nectar and share it with those around us. We are the lucky ones. The ones who can grace these lands, absorbing it all for our greedy little hearts and minds. So today I give thanks to this beautiful earth for continually looking after me. I hope I am looking after you too, earth.

It’s amazing what a little bit of gratefulness can do for you. Every morning at my work desk, I write a page of things I feel grateful for and it really does help. A feeling of calm immediately whooshes over me, and the more grateful I am, the more light my life feels, the more little things jump out at me and squeal for appreciation. We shouldn’t take these small things that make up our day for granted. The way the sun begins to rise a little earlier every day turning the leaves a deep gold which bounces off your window, creeping through the gap in your curtains waking you gently from your slumber. Access to water, hot water at that. Inspiration in the form of beautiful literature, music that makes you want to dance throughout the whole day, smiles from strangers that automatically paint a smile across your face too. Getting excited to make a cup of warm tea. Tea soothes and solves everything. Catching someone in a ‘moment’, whether they have just tripped and pick themselves back up with a giggle, or have just received a funny message from a lover and their happiness becomes your happiness. Food glorious food that nourishes and heals you. Kisses from loved ones, both near and afar, real and in emoji-form. These are the things we should be saying thanks for each and every day.

It’s pretty simple. If we were just a bit more grateful for the things we did have, such as legs to walk across this spectacular world with, eyes to glimpse all of the beauty that surrounds us everywhere we turn, ears to hear all those magical voices and accents from every corner of the globe, all those birds chilling in the treetops, instead of constantly striving for the things we don’t have, and to be honest don’t really need, such as that brand new fast car, a bigger house with an even bigger mortgage, the latest smart phone, I’m pretty sure the world would be a happier place. If you’re lucky enough to be able to see and hear what lies around you, give thanks to it. To the birds that wake you up with their pretty melodies, to the guards that keep watch over your apartment complex 24/7 and always greet you with a smile, to the people who empty your rubbish bin every day who whistle as they work, to the waiter in the restaurant who constantly tops up your water every minute…give thanks to them. And of course to your family and friends who make your world go round!

I promise you’ll feel happier. Go say thank you to someone purely because you think they are an amazing human being. The reaction from them is bound to make you feel good too, and so the cycle goes. Also, don’t forget to thank yourself for being awesome! After every yoga practice our teacher reminds us to thank ourselves for the practice, and she is so right. Not only should you thank your body for being strong enough to undergo such a practice, but also you should thank it for supporting you and allowing you to live a healthy life. You should also continually thank your heart for being open and not only being able to dish out gratitude but also being able to accept it too. It’s important that you learn to be able to accept a compliment. If you constantly put yourself down and never tell yourself ‘I love you’ or give thanks for having lived through another stunning day, how can you expect other people to love you or feel grateful for you? Don’t forget yourself. You matter too.

And so, I thank whoever actually reads my ramblings and gets something out of it, and I thank myself for being disciplined enough to actually sit and write and for enjoying this creative process.




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