the moments before a sunset


In the days before a new adventure, I’m too excited to sleep. I seem to flounder on in a sea of sleeplessness, with every moment seeming to bask in the kind of light we would usually associate with late afternoon sunshine. I feel like that’s the most nostalgic time of day. Dust seems to float around on every surface and everyone looks more thoughtful. The streets are strangely serene, enjoying the last fleeting seconds of calm before rush-hour hits full force.

I feel so comfortable and safe in these moments. Today I wanted to freeze it all, to savour these sleepy back streets with their smells of lingering incense, to sit on an old crooked chair and watch the sky deepen in that last instant before the engines rev to life and the chopsticks come out to play.

These minutes leading up to a sunset are very similar to how I feel in the days before a new adventure. Do you know what I mean?

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