The return of Winter and Luna’s Letters

The streets smell like freshly-roasted sweet potatoes and are sprinkled with piles of the golden season. A child waddles by in her twelve layers, lest she should catch a cold in this new, chilly air. Now, drinking only warm water makes sense. We rejoice at not having to blast the recycled air from every ceiling and linger a little longer in the morning, curling up into the corner of our cosy beds. Winter is about to hit us with all its might, and yet yesterday Summer was in full swing, teasing us with her rays and her humidity. Today I have a few extra freckles, a few extra layers.

In this part of the world, seasons are constantly battling one another to be in the foreground. I could almost watch the flowers blossom as the golden leaves float to the ground, whilst wiping a bead of sweat from my face and seeing my breath in the crisp air, all in one moment, all at the same time. I’m as confused as they are- the seasons. Last month was quite the ride, but maybe now that December 1st has arrived, Winter will be here to stay. I hope so.

I long for the smell of mulled wine, cinnamon swirling into the air, Christmas movies playing in the background, or lying next to the fireplace on a fluffy rug with a book, the laughter of family all around. Christmas is coming and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to finally go home and spend it with my favourite people. The last time I spent Christmas at home was in 2008 and that was a long, long time ago. I hope it snows!

I’ve decided to write two letters for strangers a day this month in the run up to Christmas. I don’t have an advent calendar so I thought I’d do something more unique and give something to someone else each day. I started this Luna’s Letters project last December and it was always really fun to choose the location each day where I’d leave the letter, so this year I’m challenging myself to write two a day and only in Chinese! Today I will leave one letter in the elevator at work and one stuck to a tree in the park on the way home. I wonder if anyone will find them and contact me?

Here’s to a lovely month of letter writing, Christmas card making, mulled wine drinking, chocolate eating, gift exchanging, beautiful family and friend time, snow (fingers crossed) and to wrapping up goals and projects from the past year.



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