the umpteen umbrella maze.

The sunniest day in the world. I skip along the path in my flowery sunglasses and my delicate ghostly white skin embraces the warm rays shining down. Purple frilly socks and a flowery tutu dress. Summer is in the air. However, not everyone is thinking the same thing. I pass one girl wearing long sleeves and gloves. Yes, gloves. And a big straw hat. As I change my ipod to a more sparkly song, I almost bump into a crowd of girls strolling by with their big umbrellas. Yes. Umbrellas in the sunshine. No sign of tanning around here. Taint my white skin? Are you kidding? That’s not my opinion. I love to have a sprinkle of freckles splattered across my face. But the girls out here wouldn’t dream of such things. If they carried vintage parasols, I could forgive them. But really, umbrellas? In the lovely sunshine? Rather wear some sweet-smelling sun lotion and some cool sunglasses.

Ah well. At least they’re always prepared for when it rains. Unlike me. Today, for example, we had a big thunderstorm. Of course I didn’t bring my umbrella. Oh, but I was the only one. Running along the dinosaur path towards the metro, I had to duck and jump and bend and twirl, just to avoid being poked in the eye by one of the million umbrellas passing me by. I’ve honestly never seen so many umbrellas in my life before. It was like a colourful maze filled with dangerous objects that I had to bypass in order to reach the exit.
But I made it through. The only negative aspects being a wet nose and slightly damp feet. And of course the hundreds of stares at the fact I was braving the rain without the sacred umbrella.

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