The Whimsical Wanderer.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” 
I hope so! For some reason, without a doubt, the night before a big trip I always freak out. Especially if I’m going solo. I remember just before I was due to fly to South Africa for university, I decided to climb into my suitcase and just cry. Why was I moving all the way to South Africa? Was I crazy? I didn’t know anyone, it was so far away, and yet there I found myself on the plane. I still did it. And I just realised that I went to South Korea alone last year. Not only can I not speak Korean, but I didn’t even have a phone, or the internet. And yet, I had the most amazing fun! It’s clearly time to chill out!! These nerves we experience just before a new adventure are good nerves, right…?! Travelling alone is something everyone must experience at least once. Not only can you do whatever the heck you want (no-one to have to compromise with), you also act more brave, you meet more people, you have more time to just be yourself and think. At least that’s what I’m hoping this trip will provide me with. Lots of time to think in a beautiful new land. A place that doesn’t hold old memories, or nostalgia. A completely clean, fresh slate for me to create new memories on. I can make decisions and not be held back by my surroundings because of some dusty memories. Everything will be brand-new. And this is what’s motivating me right now. Because of course, deep down, I’m a little scared. This is the longest I’ll have ever traveled completely alone. However, this trip has a big purpose. It’s not just a trip for me. It’s a trip that will hopefully inspire many other young adventurers to embark on a similar journey. A journey that inspires them to be who they are and create whatever it is that’s lurking in their imaginations. Ideas that are being kept back from jumping out and blowing peoples minds because of a lack of inspiration or motivation. Sometimes all it takes to unleash these thoughts and ideas is new surroundings. Creative, innovative settings. The natural world where everything is so green and peaceful, the way it should be. Then there’s the crazy chaos of the glittering cities, that gets the thought-process flowing too.
Here’s to Taiwan! It’s time to chase that kaleidoscope dream!


Alright, time to go get lost in beautiful Formosa…

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