too cool for school and Anke Weckmann

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite fussy with the make-up products that I use. With so many brands to choose from, I tend to opt for the one with cute packaging. It somehow draws me in more. Of course, the quality of the product is the important factor, but throw in a box with a cute illustration, or a catchy, sweet slogan and I’m sold.

I’ve been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics since I started wearing make-up around 10 years ago, and to this day I have been an ever-faithful customer.


However, lately I’ve been drawn towards another brand- too cool for school. Hailing from hip Korea, this brand oozes adorability. I mean, just look at this packaging below…

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images5too cool for school product

Don’t you just want to buy it ALL?!! Eye shadow with dinosaurs on? I’ll take ALL the colours thank you! Blusher that looks like rainbow sweeties? Yes please! And no this make-up is not targeted at children. I know for a fact that it’s good quality, and despite being in the upper price range, it is SO worth it. (DINOSAUR PACKAGING!!!).

I think it’s a great concept. Some people may see applying make-up as a daily chore, something they have to do to cover up blemishes, or to look presentable in the office. But with too cool for school products you can get back in touch with your fun, childish-side and keep things fresh and free-spirited.

It’s such a playful brand and they are forever introducing new products and opening new stores around the globe. They’re becoming quite the international catch and I don’t think it’ll be too long before they’re up there with Benefit Cosmetics and MAC makeup.

What makes too cool for school so cool are the quirky, girly illustrations. Some of them were done by a very cool artist called Anke Weckmann– a London based artist whose illustrations quite simply epitomise whimsical beauty. You can check out her website here and you should totally become one of her fan’s on Facebook here. She seems so lovely and her drawings have been featured in lots of cool places. She even has an online shop– take a peek!

Here are a few recent illustrations she has done, all found here on her gorgeous site.

01inTheTreeAgain 01heavenlyCreatures

LearningFrench76-BLOG LearningFrench78-BLOG

LearningFrench80-BLOGThese last three images were found on her blog which you must go look at immediately. I love every single drawing she has done. Oh, but to be able to draw like that…

I think she’s incredibly talented, what do you think?

Thank you Anke for bringing such lovely illustrations into the world!


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