Urban Nomad Film Festival.

Urban Nomad Film Fest has a strong partnership with Spring Scream, so if you go to Spring Scream next week you can have the chance to view some of the independent movies that this project has to offer. They received absolutely no government funding and they aim to create a community-oriented film environment that allows people to socialise and interact at their events, usually around a bar. They hold their festivals in all kinds of spaces, such as warehouses, art villages etc, and this year, once again, at Spring Scream, right by the beach in Kenting!
The actual main film fest will take place in Taipei from 12th April- 22nd April @Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Building 3-East, 1, Sec 1, Bade Rd, Taipei.

Their opening party will be on Saturday 14th April and it looks like it’ll be amazing! Unfortunately I will miss it by one day, but if you’re in Taipei do not miss this!!

                                                 READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE!
Taiwan looks freaking amazing! 5 days to go….

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