Verging on the Rosy

These streets smell of dried fish and traditional Chinese medicine, with a spritz of my Mum’s perfume thrown in to make me feel at home. There aren’t any bicycles but there are old-school style trams to make up for it. As I sat at the front of the upper deck on the way to work today, my freshly-combed hair tangling in the ocean breeze, I thought about the past week’s happenings.

I moved to Hong Kong. I left my sweet Taipei early Saturday morning and sleepily flew towards the big city. As I landed, bright sunshine was beating down, and it seemed that summer was going to be prolonged here. I watched all of the aeroplanes floating just above the trees, ready for lift-off, and wondered about where they were going.

Then I wondered, where am I going?

The mountains were hazy. All I could see were the cable cars drifting up the dewy sides, carrying the masses to dabble in a bit of enlightenment alongside the big buddha.

I felt so far from Taiwan. The ocean sparkled though and I started to feel a bit better.

The entire week seemed to fly by in a muddle of commuting and computers and my eyes are a little blood-shot from the experience, but I’ve finally been able to unpack and I couldn’t have asked for a cosier abode to call ‘home’ for the next wee while.

I’m a stones-throw from the big ocean, and let me tell you- standing on that pier and looking out at the Hong Kong skyline is pretty special. It’s hard to believe I’m really living in the centre of it all. From my bed all I can see are blossoming buds on the trees and the tops of the old trams sailing by along their rusty, old tracks. My alarm clock is their ‘ding-a-ling-ling’ tinkle, with a sprinkling of morning sunshine.

It’s all so new and feels light years away from my sleepy, familiar Taiwan, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The start of new adventures are always tinted with a little ‘blue’ now and again, but I’m getting into the routine of things and I’ve even found a red bean bun shop, so it’s verging on the rosy.

I can’t wait to have some pics to show you, especially some new analogue ones- seeing as that’s part of my job and all that jazz.

I’ll leave you with a little tease of a typical Sunday sunset in my new city…


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