We all float on

We float. We float all afternoon under the warm rays of the sun, paddling furiously like puppy dogs every time the sun slips behind the peaks of the mountains. The river winds on and on for days, and we are pulled along by its currents, by our alcohol-induced laughter. Every time a rock nears us, jutting out from the watery world below, we work together to avoid the inevitable onslaught of bruises, of losing someone to the powers of the river. But it happens. We lose someone. Their tire whisked away in the swirls of the current, only to wash up on a big, old rock, planting them there like a sun-basking mermaid. Pretty soon though, they rejoin our island of multi-cultural tires, each one carrying along a different country, a different face. From above, we must look like a miniature world. Each tire island representing a different continent, all brought together under one magnificent moon.

We are there to float. We are there to have fun. For two hours we drift into the setting sun, sipping our homemade concoctions. We sing songs from all around the world and grab onto strangers’ hands and ankles so that we can stick together. We don’t know each others names, but that’s totally fine. We give free foot massages instead, and talk about life and love and laugh so much our tires almost do somersaults, flipping us underneath. These carefree days are the most beautiful. The days where you can float down a river billions of miles from home with absolute strangers and not feel weird about it. In fact, if anything, it feels completely and utterly normal. You float. You greet. You cheers. You turn to the person in the tire next to you, smile at them, then throw your head back, letting your hair tickle the surface of the river and you just laugh. Life can be so random. One moment you are sitting in a café by yourself, the next you’re floating down a river, declaring your love for all these people you just met. Friends forever with your tubing family.

You will probably wake up the next day in a hungover haze, but you’ll be happy. Happy you had the chance to encounter all of these people from different worlds. To float with them on a beautiful river, twirling and swirling through the currents and the calm. And when you really think about it, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? We float through moments, through years, with strangers who become family, friends, lovers. Most of the time it’s calm, but there’s the occasional current of chaos that we need to overcome in order to be able to float on again. But that is life, so let’s just enjoy the ride. The crazier the adventure, the better I say!

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