wendy house.

‘I got a house with a window and doors, I’ll show you mine if you show me your’s…gotta let me in…hey hey hey, I’m a wolf today’

Whatever happened to glorious B*witched?!

As a little girl, I always loved to play inside my wendy house. There are many old photographs of me peeking out of the little windows covered in white chocolate. So tonight when I saw my little ballet girls peeking out of the play house window I couldn’t resist. I crawled through the tiny door and sat with them. They giggled at this big giant climbing into their miniscule space, and as they nibbled on some post-ballet snacks- weird orange jelly stuff, we watched the sun set from our wee house.

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I left them to play and from the office I could hear them talking (in Chinese of course) about the pretty stars in the sky and pointing at the aeroplane flying off into another world.

Adorable innocent minds. Squealing at the sight of hundreds of flys flying above their play house. From my little window they looked like dragonflies, as they caught the sparkling light, sent down from the new stars twinkling high in the winter sky.

This was a moment of pure innocence and beauty. A tutu, a bunny-eared ni-ni, a dragonfly, a wendy house and a Chinese sunset, intertwined with the solstice eclipse of the moon which only happens once in a rainbow moon. Like a jaffa cake in Scotland, the moon was so far from China.

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