why are you pushing me into the road?

Strange and scary things happen to me on a daily basis here in China, but I never expected to be pushed into the middle of a busy road. Just last week I was casually strolling to work, listening to my ipod, in a world of my own, when all of a sudden I felt a big hand touch my back. I thought ‘oh it must be Joe’ (friend from work). It wasn’t Joe. It was some big Chinese man dressed all in brown. I was too busy listening to my music to take much notice of him at first. But then he started running alongside me and tapping me on the shoulder repeatedly. Annoying. I took my earphones off and was like ‘ah what?!’ He just kept following me and looking at my bag, obviously he wanted money, but he was so scary and started to get quite violent. I honestly thought he was going to punch me and so I started running. Take note- almost no-one around seemed to care. They just continued with their daily tasks. One lady was like ‘NO don’t stop.’ I was panicking now, because it is very difficult to cross this road. He pushed me into the oncoming traffic, and so fearing for my life, actually fearing being attacked by him, more than by being squashed by a motorbike, I ran. Straight across the road, shaking, tears starting to run down my face. He kept watching me as I ran all the way to work. I told my boss and she immediately called the police. OK bit of a dramatic way to deal with it, but he was scary. And I would like to be able to listen to my ipod without being harassed by men like him.

I’ve never actually come across a beggar in China before. This is the first time, and it wasn’t exactly successful on his behalf. He really needs to take a leaf out of my communication skills class and learn how to maintain personal space. I’ll put him inside a pink glittery hoola-hoop and show him where to stand. Gosh I hate people getting right up in my face. Especially creepy men.

p.s the police never found him. But there is occasionally a policeman on watch at the road now. Some success.

One Comment on “why are you pushing me into the road?

  • Birt
    November 27, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    Beastly times my lovely, loved the idea of a pink hoola hoop tho! Poor you, hope u recovered from the ordeal! Xxx

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