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Hello, welcome to the adventures of luna finula, a blog about travelling, whimsical explorations, fateful encounters and a sprinkling of inspiration and appreciation for the little things in life.


Hello, my name is Siobhan (Pippi) Lumsden, or as I am more commonly known east-side- 月雪芳. I’m currently living in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, doing voices for cartoons at Fantawild Animation and enjoying re-exploring this land. You see, 6 years ago I decided it was time to venture to far-away lands, so I packed up my pink rucksack and well, since then I haven’t looked back.

In 2007 I touched down in South Africa as a voluntary drama teacher and it was LOVE. I don’t know where that amazing country had been hiding all my days, but I wasn’t prepared to let it go, which is why in 2008 I found myself rocking up in a little town called Grahamstown to attend Rhodes University. That place is the best! From there I landed a Confucius Institute scholarship and flew off to China as an exchange student. I didn’t realise that that crazy, Chinese land was creeping into my heart, but well, it did. Thus, after a short but sweet stint of living and teaching English in Cape Town, I jetted back to China to teach Chinese kids drama and baby ballet.

Then one day, whilst casually searching for jobs, I stumbled upon a gem. That gem allowed me to do voices for cartoons for more than a year (and now I’m back for more!). During those days I applied for a travel writing competition in Taiwan. I won, and the rest is history. Taiwan stole my heart, and she hasn’t given it back yet. I spent the past year studying Chinese, interning at Lomography Taipei, travelling all around that lovely island and having some of the best days of my life.

I decided to move back to Asia after a beautiful summer at home in Scotland. I interned at Lomography Asia in the glittering city of Hong Kong for 3 months, before deciding to return to the world of cartoons.  I would like to continue my explorations, publish a children’s story or two one day, and keep enjoying every moment on this lovely earth.

Thank you for stopping by to join my adventure.

9 thoughts on “Hello, 你好

  1. Kudos on getting that travel writing scholarship!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have decided to use an excerpt from your latest blog entry for one of my English lessons. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello 月雪芳,

    Found your blog as I was looking for info about trips to Kaiping. Just read your cool little life adventure thus far. I spent 3 years in Taiwan, and can appreciate how it steals your heart. I’m currently in Guangdong. I quite enjoyed my winter in Scotland several years back. Thanks for sharing about your adventures in Kaiping. Feel free to message to exchange travel adventures and ideas sometimes.

    • Hello Yussef!

      Thank you for commenting :) I hope you’re enjoying your time in China! 我的中文…哈哈, 還好! 我好像退步,我一定加油! :)

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