Winter Song

Those chilly mornings where you alarm clock goes off and it’s still pitch black outside and you’ve barely slept because But you jump out of bed anyway and run to the hot shower shivering and smiling. You are healthy and even though you only really sleep in your apartment at the moment, that’s totally OK because that just means life is good and fulfilling and fun. It really must be winter now because the nosy neighbour across the road who usually stares into your apartment each morning hoping to get a peek at a naked foreigner is not in his usual spot. He must be huddled up indoors. Hopefully he doesn’t own a set of binoculars. You should keep your curtains closed, you tell yourself, but then you would miss out on the beautiful rising of the sun and the pretty view of trees blowing in the breeze. You keep them open.

On the way to work you spot an elderly Chinese gentleman grinning. He is carrying a McDonald’s brown paper bag and you chuckle silently to yourself. It’s funny how the West has just crept in here, almost overnight. Back home if you saw an old Scottish gent nibbling on some noodles for breakfast, would you giggle too? Another man cycles by with a plant the size of a jungle on the back of his bicycle. No one bats an eyelid. Everyone zigzags along the path, the rat race to get breakfast before anyone else. You skip the baozi stand and opt for a bowl of hot porridge instead. It really is getting cold around these parts and you can’t help but smell that Christmasy scent, just around the corner. Or maybe it’s the copious amounts of cinnamon you just sprinkled over your porridge? Either way, Christmas is coming! You started to feel it this past weekend as you wandered through the flea market in the local art district. Two big, beautiful trees decorated with ballerina cutouts stood smack bang in the centre of the market. People looked happy with their little red noses and bobble hats. You drank warm fresh fruit tea under the trees and ate mini heart-shaped chocolate cakes with a tiny spoon and talked about your plans for the Christmas holidays. Scotland and Ireland for two weeks. It can’t come quick enough and yet at the same time why on earth is time ticking by so fast? How can it be the 1st of December tomorrow already? Slow down please.

The weekend always passes by in a blink of an eye. Sleep Party People graced the stage dressed as bunny rabbits to mark the start of the weekend and you danced and closed your eyes and let the music scoop you up and warm you from the inside out. You slept like the dead and awoke bright eyed and healthy and set about having a productive weekend filled with lots of walking and talking and good food and good people. The perfect mix of relaxation and fun before a week of performing.

Here is to health and happiness and cosy winter days with lovely people.

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