you need to grow up! Ummm do I?!

In my communication skills class we do a show and tell section. Each of the kids is supposed to stand up and show us one of their favourite toys and talk about it. Today I demonstrated by drawing Beany Boy. Those of you who know me will be well acquainted with old Beany Boy. So I proceded to draw him and started telling the kids ‘this is my teddy bear. I love him.’ One girl, aged 6, jumped up in protest:

Kid: (in Chinese) Teacher you have a teddy bear?!

Me: Hells yeaah I do!

Kid: (to the other kids) She is 23 and still sleeps with her teddy bear, someone tell her to grow up!

Me: Amanda (assistant teacher) what is she saaaaying?

Amanda: GROW UP! hahahaha!

Me: NO!

Kid: YOU…ARE…23! You can’t play with toys anymore. Stop acting like a kid.

Me: NO! (extremely sad face) I love him! He is 23 too! How dare you! I’m not playing anymore.

Kids: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Teacher is a baby! GROW UP!

But seriously how dare this kid say that? Beany Boy is my most cherished belonging. I mean come on, everyone has a teddy bear they love right…?Right?!!

I might as well mention that in this same class one kid vomited right by my feet. OK so I made them jump around for about 10minutes beforehand, but then she just sat, vomited on the floor, and looked up and smiled. Ewwww. Then her brother put one of my favourite puppets into his mouth! The whole thing! Poor Grandpa puppet. I will seriously never touch him again.

Just another day in the life of me.

One Comment on “you need to grow up! Ummm do I?!

  • Birt
    November 23, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    What a brat! Haha you poor thing. I feel your teddybear friendship, I have one and a mini one that travels the world with me. Yet. Ignore the ankle borers haha. Love you xxx

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